Wheatley Park Alumni

Welcome to the Wheatley Park Alumni site, created by us for you.

Our Alumni network has been established to:

Maintain contact with former Wheatley Park students, keeping them updated with events at school through termly newsletters

Establish careers links for our current and future students, to include alumni events

Provide an opportunity for Wheatley Park alumni to maintain contact with one another

For further information regarding the History of Wheatley Park School, please see the dedicated section of our main school site - History of the School

You can also download our 'Short History of Holton Park' by clicking here.

Consent to Opt Out

If you would like more information or if do not wish your information to be used for research and evaluation purposes, even if you have already consented for it to be shared with other local agencies, please contact us: via our main school website Consent to Opt Out : www.wheatleypark.org